Meet Anchor Advisors Ltd.! As a member of the Anchor Advisors team, I work with small businesses who are making a positive social impact. Pulling from 17+ years of experience and resources the Anchor team helps business owners shift into a growth mindset, sustainably scale, and stay true to their mission. 

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Business Advising & Coaching 

For years I thought that small tangible changes were the key to improvement. If we augment the process, implement tracking systems or define our direction it would lead us to marked success. Yet, time and time again I would face naysayers who would say " This would be great, but it is never going to happen" or " I will believe it when I see it." These decision-makers had settled into the idea that they were stuck in a business version of Groundhogs Day. What came before will be what will come tomorrow, the next day, week and year.


I could not understand why someone who saw huge potential in their business would actively work against it.


After spending two years studying systems and human behavior at Loyola University, I realized the key to bettering organizational or business functioning and outcomes starts with a perception of ourselves, our teams, our future, and our abilities. 


This is where most business owners shy away, why? Because the "process" is safe, tangible change is safe.


If someone says " You just need a client management system" we can implement it quickly and count this as a lack of knowledge. However, if we realize that our belief system about our abilities or potential is incorrect that hurts... a lot because let's be honest, criticism sucks, but it is how we grow.


The journey to self-awareness is one filled with bumps and hurt, but it is also the key to running a forward-thinking, profitable, scalable and sustainable business that attracts top talent and loyal customers. This is where my blend of social work, business advising, and creativity come into play. 


The #1 barrier to business success is the mindset of decision-makers.


As a social worker, business advisor/coach, writer, creative, and speaker I use my unique understanding of human behavior, systems, and business savvy to help business owners and non-profits navigate the tangible and intangible changes needed to skyrocket their business. I and the Anchor Advisors team focus on anything from a lack of defined purpose, engaged people, solid processes, established performance measures and limiting perspectives. 


Our businesses are extensions of ourselves and when we view our businesses in this light we can create impactful businesses that serve others while fulfilling our bottom line.

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